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June 4, 2013


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If you are interested in being in a published artbook I am an invited artist for :icontheprincessproject:. It is a community artbook and is now accepting contest entries for those who want to be in the book! It's a great chance to get your work published!

Here's some of the amazing artists already invited to be in the book with me! :heart:


here is the original journal entry (below as well): frills-of-justice.deviantart.c…


Hello everyone~ After the success our Icon Contest; theprincessproject.deviantart.…
it's time to jump right into an even bigger contest, with some very exciting prizes!
For those who aren't aware, We at :icontheprincessproject:

Are creating a fantasy princess themed artbook ^^
The winners of the "Special Feature" contest will, you guessed it, be featured in the art book! The amount of people chosen as "winners" will depend on the amount of entries~

**We are looking for original characters, sorry no fanart

How to enter:
• You do not have to be a member of the group, in fact only those you are invited can join the group at the moment (Winners will be invited to members)
• Sign up to draw one of the Princesses on the list (At the bottom of the page) or create your own! Make sure they have a 'location'. You can also write about them, we would love to hear what they like, don't like, what they do to pass the time, etc! (Please send us a note with your idea before making your entry)
• +fave this journal to show us you want to enter ^^
• Send us a note to let us know when you have uploaded your entry!

• Deadline:  1st of September 2013
• No nudity or overly sexual themes (can be sexy, but not sexual)
• So excessive violence or gore (a little is ok)
• Must be ok with artwork being printed in artbook
• Do not upload all of the image (we want them to be a suprise for those who buy the book) Upload a "Teaser image" and e-mail us the full image at:
• Do not upload full image (unless not chosen to be printed in artbook) until  06/05/2015 (On any website)

**Given to all that are chosen to be printed**
• Your work printed in the artbook
• Contributors Discount on artbook
• Membership to group :icontheprincessproject:
• Allowed to buy artbook to sell in personal shop/at cons

Ok! Here is that list:
("..." means you fill inthe blank)

• "..." the warrior Princess of Rose-Thorn Fortress - Tough and battle-ready princess
• "..." The Fairy Princess of Enchanted Grove -
• "..." The Party Princess of Sparkling Villa – Loves to Drink and Dance and have a good time, Family Vineyard produces most famous Wine in the world.
• "..." The rebel princess of the underground headquarters
• "..." the Pilot princess of "..."
• '..." the Centaur princess of "..."
• Nymph (Nature spirit) Princess - There are a whole lot of possibilities here (learn more about nymphs: [link] ) Possibly a good choice for people who want to do more than one princess – I'd love to see a princess for all of the types ^^ (Which are water, plant, celestial and underworld) – Or maybe they could each be done by separate people?
• Please feel free to send us more ideas, preferably fantasy based!
For those who need help thinking of ideas or themes or locations, or if you have any questions just note us!


sketch/ ACEO/Chibi- $20 per chara
ink/half body - $35 per chara
Full body - $70…

Journal skin by firstfear

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larienne Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow nice ; o ; nymph..that sounds like something for me ; u ; good luck with the book :)
Mireielle Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
definitely!! :love:
Arzefiel Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Had I actually been looking at the journal I would've found it sooner! Haha
ciphersilva Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
I already have an idea for this !
Mireielle Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm glad ^^ :love: I'd love to see what you come up with!
ariakitty Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been wanting to draw something involving pretty girls, dresses and a LOT of frills. :D I have some projects I am working on at the moment, but the September deadline makes this a lot more manageable for me. I think I am going to give this a try! :3
Mireielle Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
:dance: yay!
Disaya Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will you be entering the contest? I can't wait to start working on ideas. :)
Mireielle Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I am an invited artist so i will already be in the artbook! so no, i will not enter the contest. it is definitely worth trying out if you want though!
Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm totally checking this out, I already have a theme ready Just have to sketch it out ;3~!
and get the plans to start working on it
I'm also getting some more markers! So yey!<3:heart:
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